Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Karunanidhi finally removes sunglasses to reveal another pair of sunglasses beneath!

by Anand Ramachandran, who sees the world through technicolour tinted glasses

In a bold and unprecedented move that comes late into his distinguished political career, Tamil Nadu chief minister Dr.M.Karunanidhi has finally answered the question foremost on the minds of people all over the country – what's behind his sunglasses? The answer is most unexpected, and, typically for Kalaignar, insanely cool : another, smaller pair of sunglasses!

DMK leader and Tamil Nadu CM Dr.M.Karunanidhi takes of his sunglasses and reveals another one beneath them.

“Heh heh! Gotcha, didn't I?”, quipped Dr.Karunanidhi, displaying his renowned quick wit and sense of humour. “To the folks on twitter who were speculating on the colour of my eyes, guess what? You're still in the dark – dark glasses, that is!”, he chuckled, possibly with a wink, but nobody could be sure.

When someone expressed surprise at Kalaignar's reference to Twitter, the chief minister replied “Twitter has much in common with the great Tamil saint Thiruvalluvar. They both start with 'T', and end with 'R', and communicate effectively with a strict limit on character length.”, to racuous applause from the audience. He however denied that there were plans to build a 'Twitter Kottam' in Chennai displaying the most kvlt tweets of all time.

“Kalaignar has once again shown his political skill in going one-up on his rivals.”, commented noted journalist and political analyst Cho.Ramaswamy. “ How will Vaiko top this? He certainly can't shave off his moustache and reveal another moustache, can he? ”

However, AIADMK supremo Dr.J.Jayalalitha was quick to downplay the incident. “Have you seen how many gold chains my friend Sasikala Natarajan wears? Can't be beat – it's like those Russian 'Matryoshka' dolls, except Sasi's chains don't get any smaller as you go down.”, she said. Not to be outdone by Kalaignar's wit, Jayalalitha then joked “Speaking of Matryoshka dolls, I think if you start off with Telugu superstar Nagarjuna as the first doll, four or five layers down you'll end up with Y.Venugopal Rao!”, raising a round of guffaws from the gathering.

Public response has been enthusiastic and varied.

“Wah! Cooling glass within cooling glass! I think Kalaignar should adopt a cool nickname – K2CG. This will put him in the same league with other famous people with '2' in their name, such as 2Pac, U2 and R2D2.”, said an excited Sankalesh Jimmy. “Wait, also Bishop Desmond 22!”, he added.

“Yay! This is bound to start a great new trend. Now people who are inspired by Kalaignar's fashion sense will buy double the number of cooling glasses! We'll clean up!”, said a representative of leading eyewear store Lawrence and Mayo, before shooing off a customer who had wandered in to buy a jar of Mayonnaise

The revelation has now started off another debate on what could be beneath the second pair of sunglasses. The last word, though, could possibly be that of world renowned Wildlife Photographer (and live sound recordist) S.U.Saravanakumar. “My guess ? It's probably cooling glasses all the way down.” he said, before trotting off to save some turtles.