Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh, and also . . .

I've received some criticism of late that my humour style on this blog and on Cricinfo is formulaic and stupid. There may be a point there, actually. That isn't necessarily a bad thing - legendary satire magazine MAD worked with templated article formats extremely successfully for decades. And as long as I enjoy what I'm writing, I'll continue using formats and styles that have worked well for me.

But it got me thinking, and keen to explore other styles as well. Which is exactly what I'm doing with Pwnage of India, my other blog. Do pop over, read, and tell me what you think.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Son of Bosey on cricinfo's 'The Heavy Ball'

Some of you have actually asked for more cricket posts. Sadly, my regular gig for 'The Heavy Ball' section on Cricinfo's page 2 ensures that I have no material left for Son of Bosey. Cricket is only funny up to a point, innit?

So head on over to 'The Heavy Ball' and get your cricket funnies fix. The section also features great stuff from a bunch of top writers, and the additional advantage of revealing the legendary Jrod's real name.

Thanks for reading.

Tharoor excitedly tweets about previous tweet

Minister of State for External Affairs and renowned Twitter rock star Shashi Tharoor has excitedly tweeted about his previous tweet. Tharoor, on his twitter feed, said “Wow. My previous tweet about the meeting with that random delegation from Zaire was truly amazing.” He then proceeded to tweet “ ROFL. So true RT @shashitharoor Wow. My previous tweet about the meeting with that random delegation from Zaire was truly amazing.”

As with any Tharoor tweet, this has created an inordinate amount of commotion in the media, with an equal number of people criticizing as well as supporting the minister.

“Tweet is not only a very lonely man who needs counseling, but tweet also thinks he is more awesomer than his deservation. I honestingly believe all people like Tharoor and other Titterers should stop their Twits forthwithly. ” blubbered an increasingly hapless looking AICC secretary Tom Vadakkan, mangling words with increasing effectiveness. “I have been looking closely at Tharoor's Tits on his Titter feed, and would like to say that such Tits are against Indian culture, and also that of the Congress Party.”, he thundered, inadvertently admitting that the cultures of India and that of its ruling party are two different things altogether.

“What? Tom Vadakkan has been looking at Tharoor's tits? This is against Indian culture”, yelled an irate Congress MP Abhishekh Singhvi. “I am personally against public figures posting their views, leave alone their tits, on internetweb homepagesites such as Twicker.”, he signed off, in a resplendent display of cluelessness. He was later spotted typing 'Shashi Tharoor tits' into Google, and recursively landing up at this very article.

Congress President Mrs.Sonia Gandhi attempts to get a feel for the subject everyone else in this article is talking about.

“Not just Mr.Vadakkan, but the whole nation has been seeing, enjoying and discussing Mr.Tharoor's tits on Twister. There's nothing wrong with this.”, opined BKU president Mahendra Singh Tikait, surprising everyone with his broad-mindedness and his continued existence in one deft stroke. He left shortly thereafter to pursue his efforts at setting fire to Facebook, to protest against the idea of young men and women living on the same planet.

Meanwhile, Mr.Tharoor was back on twitter, tweeting away with gay abandon (ensuring that Google searches for 'Shashi Tharoor Gay' will also point to this article). “Heh. Wonder if ppl realize that I make up half the shit about important conferences with hard-to-name East Eurpoean nations.” he tweeted, following up with “ Nobody even knows which countries are real anymore. Splosnia, Ginormo, Pornasia, Heterosexistan, #FTW ;) ”