Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Nanganallur temple mistakenly purchases Abrams Tank for 'Thiruvizhaa'

by Anand Ramachandran, with a respectful nod to the inimitable Kumar Chandrasekharan, who contributes more ideas to this blog than you'd think.

Devout temple-goers in Nanganallur were stunned when they turned up for the inauguration of their new temple tank last Friday, and were greeted with the sight of a spanking new M1A2 Abrams parked on the temple grounds.

The temple priests admiringly inspect the rear armour slats on their newly acquired Abrams M1A2 temple tank.

The mix-up apparently occurred when a wealthy NRI devotee had misunderstood a request from the temple trust, asking him to donate a new tank to commemorate the annual temple 'Thiruvizhaa' this year. “We had sent a letter to the devotee, Mr. Shankar Sundaram of Cleveland (which is in 'States'), indicating that our temple needed a tank for many years. He has very kindly and promptly responded to our request. Sadly, it's the wrong kind of tank. Heh heh.”, said the temple head-priest Aravind Adigal. “No, no! I'm not the Booker Prize guy. He's even balder.”, he quipped, winning many admirers for his engaging wit.

Mr.Sundaram, in an exclusive phone call to Son of Bosey, clarified “Shite. My bad! I thought they wanted one to defend themselves against those pesky Islamic Terrorists who seem to be crawling out of the woodwork.”

“But what to do now? Wait, I know! Ask them to just say that it's a new Sannidhi! Brilliant! ”, he added.

“By the way, guys, have you checked out the cage match between Eddie Guerrero and Ray Mysterio? I'll send you the DVDs. It's awesome.”, he signed off, convinced that the matter was now closed.

The temple devotees are understandably bewildered and upset by this. “Yes, we agree that the M1A2 is an awesome piece of artillery – thermal sights, rear-protecting slats, remote weapons station – but it isn't what we want. We just asked for a simple temple tank, similar to that seen in the Kapaleeswarar temple, only smaller. Why do we need this? Just in case there's an escalation on the Alandur front? Perhaps Ullagaram is planning to invade us?” asked a visibly irritated T.S.Krishnaswamy, one of the oldest and most respected regular worshippers at the temple, displaying his well-documented vehicle expertise as well as his renowned sarcastic wit.

However, some devotees are seeing the bright side of things. “There's nothing wrong with a temple having a military tank. After all, even the Ramayana and Mahabharatha have references to nuclear weapons.”, said an elderly man, who looked like he could have been called 'Sridharan'. Or perhaps 'Sankara Sarma'. “In fact, all technologies have been described in our Vedas and Puranas – including Plasma TVs, WiMax, CFC-free refrigerators and Decepticons.”, he said smugly, settling down into 'Thyagu' mode.

As always, the general public reactions have been varied.

“Wow. Nanganallur finally becomes kvlt! Eat this, Lower Parel!”, said a delighted Vishal Thyagarajan, happy to know his neighbourhood had finally got something cooler than a bakery with a few tables, which stocks Red Bull.

“This is a troubling development. Imagine if the miscommunication had occurred the other way around, and the Defense Ministry ended up with several temple tanks, with slippery stone steps and arbid red-and-white striped patterns on their walls, on their premises. THAT would really help defend our borders. Take that, Paki invaders! Take a holy dip! Muhahahahaha! Sheesh. ”, said wildlife photographer S.U.Saravanakumar, the voice of reason as always.

“Shite! Now those losers in Nanganallur will get more visitors than us. Peon! Quick! Two Anti-Aircraft gun-turrets. Preferably with sustained plasma cannon attachments! That'll show them!”, thundered the furious head priest of Kapaleeswarar Temple, reacting to the sudden competition.

The print media in Chennai have been quick to cash in on the opportunity. The HINDU reacted by printing an epic-blade piece in their 'religion' column, The Times of India somehow managed to work in a picture of Megan Fox into the report, The New Indian Express did a special feature on 'Tank based games' by columnist Videep Vijay Kumar, and The Deccan Chronicle's response could not be read due to poor paper quality.

Many Hindu activists such as the RSS, the Shri Ram Sene and Rajan Zed believe that this hurts Hindu sentiments, but are too scared to vocally protest, since the temple has a “big fucking Abrams tank” on the premises.


Venkat said...

ha ha .. Megan Fox .. probably trying to lift the hood and look inside ...

visesh said...

Abrathumoovar festival will now be the kvlt thing.

Jai Iyer said...

Awesome. I can see they're going to have a kick-ass Ayudha Pooja this year.

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@dravidian - Yeah. They can sell of movie rights to Senor Bay.

@Jai Iyer - Yeah. In the truest sense of the term.

Vishal said...

Awesome! Nanganallur maamas can finally say, "I'm gonna get MEDIEVAL on yer ass, bitch!"

Narendra shenoy said...

Hahaha! Loved this!

Talking Skull said...

Amazing stuff!! Keep going.... but, we need more of you....

Why are you so lazy and procastinating? Can't you write at the speed of one blog per day?


| Balu | said...

Ooooh the fire power at times of festivals will make 'thrishur pooram' look like kids play. I heard they will take the deity around the temple in the tank rather than the traditional elephant. Elephants will be pink slipped and will feature in the 'stuck in the wrong job', Naukri ads. Think about it, god gets Z(ed) level security. Protection from Zed heh heh..

PS: That's as many chalis aka PJs as I can string together. You win!
PPS: Bugger you had to bring in gaming somewhere in the middle..

| Balu | said...

PPPS: Did they get an embedded journalist free with the tank?

hari said...

Anand, much as I appreciate your wit and humour, does it always have to target Hinduism and Hindu culture?

I mean, would you even consider doing a piece which even talks mildly irreverently about Prophet Mohammed or Islamic faith? What about a piece with the pun on "mask" and "mosque"?

Don't get me wrong. I really love your humour. But I think I would genuinely request you give some thought on this issue.

A lot of humourists in the media and in tamil movies love to denigrate our faith and religion in the name of "humour". Must you do it too?

Sorry to put a dampener. I just couldn't get myself to laugh at this piece. :-(

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@Hari - I am only responding to this because you are a long-time reader of this blog.

Please point out to me the instances on my blog where I have denigrated ANY faith or religion, and we'll have a conversation.

Jesus Chri . . no, wait, someone might take offense.

Thanks for participating.

Nth Dimension said...

Laugh-out-loud funny. Probably the funniest blog piece I have read this year...thanks for the nice work.

I am glad that you are comfortable enough with your religion (yes, I am assuming you are a Hindu) that you can poke fun at some of the, shall we say...fun-poke-able aspects of "the thing we follow in the name of culture". We are living in a world that is taking religion way too seriously as it is...so every bit of humor that does not denigrate the core tenets of a religion, but only prods and pokes at the fringe aspects, is fine in my book. Thanks once again!

Unknown said...

@hari - Anand was nice to you, so I won't laugh my ass off at your comment. Oops, sorry, but I did try.

If we can't laugh at ourselves, what exactly can we laugh at? Your faith and your religion will survive a little light-hearted ribbing. If it can't, then I'd recommend switching to a more robust alternative. I'm told Islam isn't one, but Buddhism might work. They're quite Zen about intolerance and amusement. Me, I'm going to bed now so I can change my poonal in the morning.

onejubb said...

yo hari chill!!....we'll ask anand to slander other religions also.....muslims...jews....seventh day adventists....buddhists....jainists....spainists....
spainists....c'mon anand you can do it!....hari...
didnt you do allah hooo akbar avan kundi rubber....adichan paar sixer....when you were a kid....
if you still are a kid...do it now.....have you ever heard of the john john joke.....hari....people around the world are killing in the name of religion....at least we are laughing and making other people laugh in that very same name.....c'mon man

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@sudarshan begani Thanks for reading? Lazy and Proc(r)astinating? Hahahahaha - awesome!

Talking Skull said...

Hi AR/ AR's evil twin (I don't give a damn!!) - Thanks for pointing out the spelling error, that I deliberately planted to check if you follow the Comments section seriously. It seems that you do!!

That is another reason why you should blog more frequently. More comments might just help you cure your laziness.... ;-)


Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@sudarshan bengani / begani / bengnani (I don't give a rodent's backside)Ooooh! Deliberate planting of spelling errors! Very CIA.

Tell you what - you come and take up all my client assignments, then I'll have all the time in the world o blog regularly. Deal?

Talking Skull said...

Since I am a fan of yours, I will sign the deal. Just drop in at my office - my desk is on the 2nd floor. On my desk, you will find a garbage bin labelled as "IN" - simply 'place' all your work in it.

Be careful though, there's another (bigger) garbage bin on the side (into which I have been dumped by my boss) - don't put anything into it, lest you choke me under piles of paper.

But, for God's sake, blog more often.... Let me know whatever else I can do to help you do so...


PS: No more comments from me until I see your next blog!!

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@sudarshan LOL. Good, I'll see you back in about a month, then. ;)

hari said...

Well, certainly you're within the limits of decency.

What I was talking about is that the tendency to use Hindu religious symbols for humour is something that always upsets me.

Just because we tend to keep quiet and not make a fuss, does that mean it is OK to poke fun at Hindus?

I mean, charity begins at home. Think about it.

I don't want to get into a verbal battle with your fans. I am just pointing out something that has always irritated me as a devout Hindu.

@ others who laugh: I know it's not fashionable to be religious or devout these days. But I won't change myself for anybody. Certainly not for random strangers on a blog.

hari said...

Also at the others above, I want to say this: humour is not a problem with me. I can accept fun poked at anything and anybody. And I am not becoming "too serious" about anything.

Also I don't feel that my faith is under threat because of this kind of thing, but it does pain me and hurt me whenever people feel that Hindu religious symbols are "game" for anything while the same doesn't apply for other religions. Just look at the furore raised over the Danish cartoon.

In all honesty, I didn't find Anand's article anywhere close to being vulgar or mocking, but I did feel I had to get this point through.

@Anand: I did try to get you through e-mail to ask you privaely, but I don't have your e-mail ID myself. I personally respect you and that's why I thought you wouldn't take offence at my criticism. I hope you won't take it so defensively as something aimed directly at you.


It's not about whether you or anybody else denigrate Hinduism. I wasn't accusing anybody here.

I was just pointing out the tendency of our "secular" media to use specifically Hindu religious symbols and Hindu faith as a mode of irreverent humour and comedy. My blood always boils when they portray our Gods in a silly and stupid way but keep off portraying Islam or Christianity or other religions in a similar manner.

I just hope that people who are cultured, educated and have decency realize this.

Anonymous said...

Outrageously awesome! :D Great going!

The Mudd said...

pWnage post. I have idea for next one .. seems to be your cup of tea : Sergio Leone vs Dindigul Leoni . What say?

visesh said...

@Hari It is sad that you saw the religion and not the humour. It is scary if you are suggesting that you might have laughed if this was about a mosque, church or a synagogue.

Must Anand do it, yes he must because he makes us laugh while the other protectors of the Hindu faith make us cringe with their thoughts and deeds.

Maheswaran Moothiringode said...

Great one. I liked it very much.

hari said...


I am not suggesting anything and it is not scary.

I merely pointed out that Hinduism seems fair game for this kind of thing and not other religions which are always protected in the name of "respecting religious sentiments."

Let me make one thing clear. I ask for the same respect shown to other religions to be shown to Hindu's faith and not the other way round.

Certainly you are saying that I would have laughed if it had been a mosque or a church. Not at all... I was just saying that nobody would dare to even poke "gentle" humour at other religions for fear of being branded communal.

The double standards against our faith and belief is what annoys me the most.

Vishal said...


Mate, I think you're over-reacting here. First up, I can reply with just the "Freedom of Expression" line and get this done with. But I'm just going to point a few things out.

The religion, per se, is not being slighted in this or any of the posts seriously enough to even raise an issue. Also, I think it's worthwhile noting that the fun being poked at is never really aimed at the religion itself, and certainly not in any malicious light.

As to why no other religion is being ribbed at here, NEWSFLASH! Anand is a card-carrying TamBram and most of the contributors to this blog readily identify with Hinduism far more than any other religion. Can you blame them for thinking in a Hindu-based perspective? Mate, they blog about what takes their fancy. And inspiration and ideas do not come equally distributed across all religions/faiths/cults.

I think you should stop seeing bosey in this light. It belittles the very ideal bosey is all about. Good day.

hari said...


I was not reacting exactly against the article contents as being derogatory or demeaning, but pointing out the fact that I feel hurt and sad that the Hindu religion and revered symbols like temples seem more open to this kind of thing.

I was also wondering how a Christian or a Muslim would react to seeing a Church or a Mosque or the Prophet or Jesus subject to "gentle non-offensive ribbing" such as this. I certainly did not suggest in any way that other religions be denigrated or that I would derive pleasure from that.

And as for Freedom of Speech, I am sure that the Indian Constitution does not allow "hurting religious sentiments" in any way and is not protected under Free speech laws. I am a Law student myself, so I will look up the particular article which says this.

As to Anand writing about what is familiar to him and other readers of this blog, that I can very well agree with but that does not have anything to do with my earlier argument. I have no problem with Anand's humour and in fact, I have been a fan for a long time. A lot of his humour has nothing to do with religion and is even more amusing and witty. All I asked was "why drag in religious symbols into this?" I expressed my feelings purely because of my respect for the author of this piece. Otherwise, I would not even have bothered to comment at all.

Again, I only wanted to really discuss this with Anand privately, but had no way to contact by e-mail since he does not publish it here or have a contact form.

I don't want to pursue this further on this comments section. I ask you to just think about what I have written in a honest light.

My good regards to all of you...

Shenoy said...

zimbly zuperb i say!

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@Hari - let's keep our eye on the ball here. I'm not getting into the theory of why in general Hinduism seems like 'fair game' or whatever.

I am only responding to this, from your earlier comment :

"Anand, much as I appreciate your wit and humour, does it always have to target Hinduism and Hindu culture?

I mean, would you even consider doing a piece which even talks mildly irreverently about Prophet Mohammed or Islamic faith? What about a piece with the pun on "mask" and "mosque"?

Don't get me wrong. I really love your humour. But I think I would genuinely request you give some thought on this issue.

A lot of humourists in the media and in tamil movies love to denigrate our faith and religion in the name of "humour". Must you do it too?

First, I have never denigrated any religious faith - I only poke fun of maniacs who do ridiculous things in the name of religion. If you can't tell the difference, it is a matter of sadness. You say I "always target the Hindu faith and culture". Eh? Send me a few links indicating where I have done this.

Would I do similar pieces on the islamic faith?. A quick scan of the archives reveals :
this and this .

Hope this helps clear up whatever doubts you had about my stand or integrity or courage, which you seem to have.

Oh - and my e-mail ID is anand dottt rdx attt gmail dddoottt com.

Am grateful for your kind words regarding my writing, and your long-time readership of this blog.


Tony Sebastian said...

Speaking as a member of the communities which are never made fun of, I'd like to point you to a website I much enjoy Jesus and Mo

PS: I also enjoyed "The Da Vinci Code" (the book, the movie sucked) and also most Southpark episodes. I still go to church on every Sunday and am a devout catholic (however I will use condoms). Just saying.

koidy said...

To be fair, I think Hari deserves credit for articulating his POV in a restrained and measured manner, without degenrating into a shouting match.

@hari, I both agree and disagree with you. Yes, in India, more fun is had at Hinduism's expense than other faiths. But this isn't a bad thing, IMO, because it means that Hinduism is the only faith in this country with the security and confidence to handle it, without some crackpot lunatics going apeshit. it doesn't make us pussies, just makes us mature people who can appreciate a good joke. A maturity that's sadly decreasing. Your stand, sadly, is the one shared by the Rajan Zeds, Bal Thackerays and Narendra Modis of the world, and Hinduism is the poorer for it.

Long live self confidence, I say.

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@koidy Well put, as always.

I echoed a similar sentiment to Hari in a most civil and respectful e-mail exchange. In which he expressed the rare gentleman spirit and decency to say he didn't want to subject other readers to an argument. Thanks, Hari - appreciate it much.

Drummerboy said...

The Gauss tank @ Lakshmipuram temple will own the Abrams any day

buddy said...

this is brilliant stuff

Marc said...

Why so serious?

As always, another hilarious post from Son of Bosey.

E Pradeep said...

Am I in the wrong blog? Never had to go through a serious discussion in the Bosy blog...Need to file a PIL against Hari for attempting to threaten the nature of this blog!!!

Sri said...

This isnt real is it? I cant seem to find any 'news' articles to corroborate this story.


maxdavinci said...

why peepuls so much peelingsu?

more more more!

Anonymous said...

is it a true story? seems like a false one..

Anonymous said...

Cheers @marc and the two people who want to know if this is a true story. rest of you get a beer. - KishoretoolazytobezebManohar

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

Sri and Anonymous - Take a bow. Your insight is monumental.

The Dog Philosopher said...

On behalf of fellow Nanganallurians (Wherever in world (I mean USA) they are) I wish to clarify that this is a false news item. Nanganallur veterans would have noticed that there was no mention of distributing Venpongal/sakrapongal or chundal on occasion of tank acquisition. More than anything else the dead giveaway which any self respecting Nanganallurian would have spotted is absence of Donated BY Painting with the street address.

We would warn Son of Bosey to desist from publishing such false propaganda otherwise we will ensure that the Nanganallur Sai Bhajan Mandali would be sent to their homes at regular operating hours of 3.30 am as a mark of protest

Anonymous said...

Whaaat? It's not called Abrahams tank? Nooooooooo

Sandip said...

Regardless of the "restraint" attributed by one of the commentators at Hari, I think he is a prime example of everything going wrong in this country right now.

If you are so slighted and hurt by humour or criticism of your religion, just go and lock your self in your room and read ramayana.

I feel it sad that Anand has to prove his balance by providing instances of other religions that he has made fun of. Why should he have to do that? What is wrong in just making fun of your religion? It is not that you are writing hate speech.

And I agree with another commentator that it is indeed worrying that the only way Hari could find solace was if Anand went out of his way and made fun of other religions. So that is how justice is done? You feel hurt about some injustice done to you, and would feel better if that is done to everybody? Ridiculous and as I mentioned a prime example of brain washed youth mushrooming in this country.

Ko said...

Someone sent me a link to this piece. Dude, you rawk :D

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@sandip - Thanks for the support. But Hari has a right to his opinion, and he expressed it in the most civil way. So we owe him the courtesy of being civil in our responses. In any case, this issue is closed - over a private e-mail exchange as I mentioned earlier. So everybody - please relax.

Everyone else - thanks for reading Son of Bosey

Prathap said...


Nitin said...

Can't believe you let go of some prime punning opportunities such as A-brahms tank and Agraharams tank.. But seeing the heated sentiment expressed in the comments section, just as well I guess!

Good one, as always!

Long time, no cricketer's leg pulling.. hope to see one on WADA soon!

vijayakumar said...

VERY great. The man who had donated this has a lot of forsightdness. If any one comes & rides Madipakkam / nanganallur road - no wonder even for a temple Deity this is the only fittest vehicle which can be safely writ thro the roads.
We have to give cerdit to this man.

Aarthi said...

I love your sense of humor... Funniest blog I've seen!

Arjun said...

Great piece, as usual. And unusually serious discussion suddenly started in the comments section. Like a GNB concert.

And some of the commenters here need to cool down themselves, instead of yelling at Hari to cool off. As Anand noted, he was polite and civil. Poor dude was compared to Modi and Thackeray and, worst of all, Rajan 'The Z' Zed.

SternMystic said...

@Anand Funny stuff mate, just came across your blog from a friends status message. Need to set aside time to delve into the older posts.

@Hari I have no side to take on the matter which has been sealed by Anand and you, but did want to say the following and echo Arjun's words. You deserve a special online award for the extremely well articulated and restrained respsonses. With increased web activity one can easily see such discussions breaking down into cursing wars and personal attacks, especially on popular sites like youtube. I don't know exactly what happens, but the veil of anonymity afforded by the internet sometimes turns people into single minded lunatics. Mature responses have become virtually extinct and I was literally stunned by the composure of your comments. Kudos!

Mrudula Aaduru said...

Absolutely hilarious... Especially da parts wherein da names come in.. "Sridharan.. Sankara Sarma.. Thyagu..." and.. good observation skills on the diff. newspapers in Chennai. Deccan Chronicle does have bad paper quality and trust Times of India to sneak in a Megan Fox.
Good going.. :-)

Crownish said...

hey man Srinathji's is cool

Unknown said...

Memo from the Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India, Raksha Bhavan:

The attention of Union Minister for Defence has been drawn to this news item and is shocked to notice that an army tank of foreign origin has been allowed to be imported into the temple, which falls within a notified area that prohibits requisition, import, and display of banned armory.

At an urgently convened meeting of the cabinet presided by the Hon'be Prime Minister, it has been decided to immediately constitute a commission of enquiry headed by a retired judge of the Supreme Court to go into the matter and submit its report to Parliament.

Meanwhile, it has been decided that the defence ministry shall take possession of the offending article in question and file a complaint with the Ministry of Finance to ascertain the route through which the said tank was brought into the country. It will also probe the complicity of Customs officials of the Chennai air and seaport in allowing the tank into our peace-loving country.

N Kumar

Anonymous said...

actually this has been given by S. Vee shekar. When he was working with Indian army, as major, he applied leave for a month . But, his officer denayed and told him that if you could bring one Tank from pakistan army you will be sanctioned. Hence, he approched the paksitan army and strike a deal. Like Maruti exchnge offer, he got it exchanged...he has hand it over his tank and taken the pakistan tank...Finally he ahd been awarded with this tank. Since, he had a Vendutahl to Nanganallur temple that the tank will be donated to the temple..,so, he requested his officer Mr. Ravi Sastri, by saying that, if you will not permmit this, then you will have to give 108 tanks to,,,, and being a sastrigal, he could not aviod,, so, he has given the tank to S.Vee Shekar ,, with a Prize...So, based on this achivement he approched JJ and he had been MLA. So, as per the venduthal, he has donated this tank.
But, the temple trustee, Sriman- Seshadri Iyengar- was thinking that he will be donating Rs.11cr for Tanking purpose. As Mr.S,Vee shekar mentioned that, he will be donating 11cr worth of tank.... So, he was telling his mangalam maami that, from this month we can have Snanam in Nanganallur kulam...like the way we do in Vaitheeswaran koil. So, they all

Anonymous said...

Hey dude.. awesomeeeeeeeee... :D

and btw - do u know this guy called 'Gary' aka Girish, who resides in nanganallur, we got another weopon of mass destruction to damage him by; w.r.t his locality..

@gary - ada, petrol tank illa da.. abraaams tank

keep ur posts coming.. simply fantastic..

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

Technical error: How can the temple 'purchase' the tank (as mentioned in the title) when it was donated to them (assumably free of cost) by our Statesman?

Sorry for nitpicking, I used to work in Quality control for a year.

Kavitha said...

Maybe the tank should be designated the new Hindu mascot, à la Nandis and Elephants of yore. It's about time we got an image upgrade!

Ramprasad said...

Pretty simple! Mr. Shankar Sundaram is the donor. As well as the purchaser of the Tank on behalf of the temple's name!
As punishment for posing such queries, you must be made to watch Vijay's last 10 movies non-stop!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the KGB agents pretending as priests and doing a special "pooja" for the tank!

ganeshbrhills said...

Ha! This is hilarious, though I notice that some of the commenters have no sense of humour!

More interesting is the correspondence between the temple folks and the donor in 'States'...

Interesting indeed.

More interesting is the correspondence between the temple authorities and the donor in 'States'.

Donor: I shall be pleased to donate a tank for the Nanganallur temple though it is a tall order. I shall discuss this with the Defence personnel and sort it out. But I need the following clarifications:

(1) The type/make of tank you need: (a) Sherman, or (b) Abrams.

(2) Do you need the tank with armaments?

Temple: Sherman venda; Abrams eh irundupottum. Sariii, ornaments venama an kekkaraane? Puriyalay? Edukkum sari an sollidalam.Namma
kovil kolam pramaadama irrukkum.

Shiva Shiva! Oru kolam kattikudu anna ennellam kelvi kekkaran?

Unknown said...

The empowered group of priests at Nanganallur wish to acknowledge the gift from the grateful devotee and say an unanimous "TANK YOU!"

bijindas said...

bad photoshp work!(image is manipulated)
should have made
it more realistic.

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@bijindas - Image is manipulated? Really? Wow - I'll tell that to the site where I illegally downloaded the pic from. Thanks for pointing out that the image was manipulated - I would never have guessed otherwise.

[note to editorial team : you may have heard of bipindas. But have you . . . .]

Harish Krishnan said...

Hi Anand,

Congratulations! Your post has been selected by BlogAdda as one of the top posts for this week's 'Spicy Saturday Picks'.

Do mail me for more details.

himanshu said...

great post....loved it.

Aaditya said...

Writers at Bosey,

I love your blog.

I am planning to launch a Delhi based youth magazine aimed at the 15-25 demographic. The project is now at the intermediary stage of execution, and we are planning to produce a dummy issue by the 15th of October.

The point is: we would love have you write for our magazine. You enjoy huge fan following over the internet and this would be a chance for you to move to the print medium.

I am willing to talk about any other details, or answer any questions you have.

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Aaditya Dar

Nonsense said...

Hey, That was the pefect gift for Pooja. They can do a real Ayudha Pooja Next year B-2 Stealth Bombers!

shakuni said...

"which is in States" : excellent.
well-written, my friend.

Nανєєη said...

LOLs gr8 post ..

Anonymous said...

It's a piece of shite. Perhaps, nothing inside. Else, the custom guys would have been after this NRI fool.
Well, it contains good quality US scrap. Certainly fetch good price per Kg.


Haritha said...

Most people it is so cool to make fun of Hinduism (mostly Brahminism) and anything related to it. They in fact think it is funny.

Surprisinlgy not a lot of anti Christian or anti Islam posts.

Heckling at Hindus and ancient mythology is one of the most cliched topics in the recent times in the "blogosphere".

Whatever, yawn.

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@haritha - sigh. I'm tempted to say 'yeah, fucking whatever', but I won't. Please read the long debate on the same topic earlier in the comments before yours. [yawns right back at you]

Haritha said...


wow, what a coincidence, that guy spoke about the exact same thing as me. in any case it is unfair to expect someone to read an ultra long debate after reading an ultra cliched post.

something interesting i did catch was you saying you were replying to him only coz he has been a reader of your blog for a long time. in that case im surprised you replied to my comment! Was it just to yawn right back at me?:D


Anonymous said...

Been checking your blog for the past few weeks for new posts - disappointed! When is the next post??!!!

raj said...

Plagiarism accusations on Bosey

raj said...

Did you take up the opportunity to move to the print medium offered kindly and generously by one of the commenters above? I'd be disappointed if you looked that gift horse in the mouth :lol:

Haritha said...

i see, so you only display comments if they sound like they are totally kiss ass. moderating comments is lame enough..but this is LAME MAX, dude!!! geeeeeez

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@haritha - not at all. Just been extremely busy - and haven't had time to look at blog admin issues, that's all. Comment moderation is only to control comment spam - not for censorship. Again, if you had bothered to check other older posts - there are plenty of less-than-complimentary comments I have published. In fact, if I was censoring, why would I have bothered publishing your first comment?

@raj - Yeah. Actually the guy at SOAL has good reason to believe that - and there's nothing I can do other than say that I didn't copy his post. These are unfortunate things that happen - can't really do much about it. Thanks for your spirited defense, though.

@anonymous - Yeah, I know. Will try to post more often, but time is getting harder and harder to find. Thanks for reading.

AB said...

Rib-tickling :)

Hariharan said...

Oh Brother .. Where art thou? Where's thy art?

But seriously, you cannot neglect bosey whatever be your other commitments unless of course there are contractual issues. No other excuse shall suffice for letting us suffer this prolonged period of humorlessness.

Yawn! ;)

Realm said...

Hi, in response to Hari taking offence to "denigrating of Hindu faith"
Read the following in the same article.
Mr.Sundaram, in an exclusive phone call to Son of Bosey, clarified “Shite. My bad! I thought they wanted one to defend themselves against those pesky Islamic Terrorists who seem to be crawling out of the woodwork.”
Muslims can take offence too at this. Just stop behaving like a tight ass and enjoy the humour. If this blog was indeed anti-religion, then we would have had tonnes of stupid hate postings in the comments .

techrsr said...

This post rocks. I think an M1A2 is just what we need to defend ourselves against the pesky Islamic terrorists. With all the news channels blaring "they're only 40km from India (Lahore)" ... "Save us from fundamentalism" and so on, I think we should take a good hard look at security and this is just a cool satirical take on it, not to mention on the clout that Indian americans hold. Loved the reference to the thermal sights, rear protecting slats and gas turbine... you guys should put up more posts like this one.

Also, the usual suspects who try to paint this as an insult to Hindu culture should read up on the siege of Srirangam all those centuries ago - maybe there's a lesson in it for us if we don't want to protect our pluralistic way of life.

Ram said...

awesome piece...anand..
visited from ur cricinfo pieces..
will return for sure..

btw dont let that shameless copycat- fu**** alec get away..
register ur Intellectual content with creative copy rights

Gayathri said...

People who think you are taking unfair shots at the Hindus, should go see a shrink. I am a Hindu Brahmin and did not find this article offensive at all. In fact, I think this article indirectly points out that every caste/religion/race has some stupid people. Some of the greatest comedians like George Carlin constantly made fun of the white race and in the process pointed out the flaws in society. It is scary how much importance people attach to religion. Awesome job, loved it!!!!

M. S. Narayanan said...

Please let me know the name of the temple.

M. S. Narayanan

Anonymous said...

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