Thursday, May 21, 2009

Son of Bosey is not fakeiplplayer. Sorry to disappoint.

Okay - let's make this quick and painless. I am not, repeat NOT, the fake ipl player.

It's not my style of writing. I have never used Hindi words in Son of Bosey - I am not comfortable in Hindi, and know no Bengali whatsoever. Anyone who reads my blog regularly should find this fairly obvious.

I have no inside information about the IPL or any of the teams.

And I certainly don't shoot pompous and mysterious videos of myself speaking ominously.

Thanks for reading Son of Bosey



mona said...

Whoever thought YOU were fakeiplplayer obviously hasn't read enough bosey.

Anonymous said...

you would say that wouldn't you considering the uproar since you decided not to reveal you identity.

anantha said...

Tcha! my guess was all wrong!

Navaneethan Santhanam said...

We know that Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin isn't Fake IPL Player, but what about Anand hmmm? It seems like a clever loophole.

Q said...

Hi Anand, I would like to personally apologize if people thought that u were behind the FIP due to my post on Well Pitched.

However, let me re-iterate that if you read the post on Well Pitched, all I attempted to say was that considering that SRK had hired someone (i.e. Son of Bosey) last year to do spoof ads and so on for the KKR website and the fact that it was discontinued, does not rule out the fact that SRK could hire someone this year, i.e. the FIP.

All I said was that SRK had hired FIP. I did not say that Son of Bosey was FIP. You can witness that from my comments on the post as well.

Apologies for any misunderstandings.

Marc said...

All hail Son of fakeiplplayer!

| Balu | said...

awww.... I was hoping it would be you ;) I wanted an exclusive interview with you saaarr =D

Anand said...

Vehement denial is proof to me and conspiracy theorists everywhere that you are, in fact, FIP.

Nice video!

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@Anonymous - You're a fine one to talk, considering how you haven't bothered to identify yourself.

@Q - You're free to speculate on your blog however you wish. No issues with that. However, so many people have come to this erroneous conclusion on reading your post, that perhaps you haven't communicated this as clearly as you'd have liked? Also, If I were you, I wouldn't refer to mere speculation (without a shred of evidence) as a 'scoop'. But of course, what you write on your blog is entirely your business.

@Anand In which case, by the same argument, FIP is also Ranadeb Bose, Anureet Singh, J-Rod, Amit Varma and sundry others who have all vehemently denied being him. A Franklin W.Dixon type syndicate, you think?

raj said...

Oops, AR's ET, the culprit is me, myself, I.
I was the one who went about speculating on Q's comment space that just like SRK hired Bosey officially last time for spoof, he might have unofficially hired someone for slander. However
a) I didnt account for poor comprehension skills of Indian English-Blog-readers, 'cos to anyone with rudimentary comprehension of English, it should have been obvious that I wasnt implicating Bosey.
b) I had clearly called it speculation.
c) I didnt expect Q to make a scoop out of it.
Nevertheless, the deed is done and you stand slandered. Apologies. As a long time, and quite a discerning fan of bosey, I deeply regret that I was an instrument in your trial :-)

Sorrypa teknik fault aaydichi.

raj said...

If it's any consolation to you and absolution for me, at different times in different forums, I have argued that you are better humourist than
a) Greatbong - nauseatingly over-rated
b) Krish Ashok - greatbongly overrated.

Rajiv Mathew said...

This is a brilliant blog. Loved reading every bit of it! :)

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@raj - No question of slander here. I just felt the need to clarify that I'm not FIP - so that those interested in uncovering his identity may take their investigations elsewhere. Even if you WERE theorizing that I was the mystery blogger, you'd be well within your rights. Of course, in your case, you could have simply asked me off the record.

I don't know Greatbong, and don't read him much, but Krish Ashok is a genuinely funny guy. I'd say it's a question of taste, but you'll get all theoretical on me and start deconstructing humour and satire and all that jazz. So to each his own :)

@Rajiv Thanks for reading, mate. Appreciate it.

Anand said...

@Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin

Didn't know that they too were in on this...but thanks for info. I will investigate them as well. How come there was only one shadow speaking? Yepdi???

Aaaargh, Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin, you are indeed a devious evil twin of Anand Ramachandran.

Q said...

@Anand: sir the "scoop" was that SRK had hired FIP... not that u were the FIP..

As Raj has mentioned, I did not account for the lack of reading skills of English-blog readers.

Anyhow apologies all around again.

Q said...

Anand: that was my bad.. in my naivety I labelled the post as a scoop, which as you say it isn't. For what its worth, I've changed the title.

Anonymous said...

if you decided to be the fake ipl player, which turned out to be anonymous,why would you write in your own style and reveal yourself, since you wanted to be anonymous and now your blog post confirms that you want to be in speculation and yet be anonymous. and now a write up in cricinfo confirms that you are an ipl player but not a fake, yet anonymous. There fore at the end of the day,the conclusion is that I am sick of freaking IPL, gimme a break.

-J.N.Android Phiter

Anonymous said...

Bosey da Puttar
Never mind. If anyone insinuates that you're the FIP, I'd just tell them to Fake Off!

Manoj said...

a) Greatbong - nauseatingly over-rated
b) Krish Ashok - greatbongly overrated.

Viswanathan said...

Man. If ever you were that FIP, I would stop reading Son of Bosey too. I read a bit of FIP blogs and find it boring, grinding on vague ramblings of one souped up irritating topic that can keep jobless people onto
There was no taste or sarcasm. Writing is creativity. FIP which had none, thankfully I hope will cease to exist and I sincerely wish that jobless idiot of FIP does not revoke another blog topic that would evoke atleast seven thousand "I am first comment, yaaay".
Bosey is suave. Oozes with creativity. And has tons of licks which only Chennai-ites can lap up and appreciate. I think "mona" summed it up in the first comment.
Keep them coming.

Cheeaarlls (Ambimama style)

Fark said...

Son of Bosey is the Baap of Fakeiplplayer. eh-- its a twisted relationship.

Long time reader, first time comment. up the great work here guys.

maxdavinci said...

addada miss aydchu!

engeyo poyteeeeenga saaar, btw loved the cricinfo posts and tweets.

now that for politically correct reasons you've denied on record.

when's the next FIP post coming? another shadow talking, IIM ranting post? ROFL...

Anonymous said...

bwahaha obviously SOB won't use lameass Michael Douglas movies as points of metaphors during a stupidass lynchian video shoot.

Prabhu said...

now that IPL is over can we expect regular posts? more than u not being FIP, to open SOB everyday and find there is no new post disappoints more....

Anonymous said...

Obviously you totally obsessed by IPL and what It can do to cricket and players. Forgetting that Pakistan has won the t20 trophy even after your Pakistan and Pakistani Cricket Legend bashing in your blogs.
Its high time to shut up for ppl like you and your kinds. Admit, that Its not all gold which is projected to be shining through the very media you posses. It's not much than a hoax and sooner or later It will be gone for good! Without the same Pakistani Players your league is worth NULL!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you wont have the guts to publish whatever wrote right now. It's so typical for the Mumbai Style. Isnt It?!

Navaneethan Santhanam said...

@ Anonymous - Please take your Pakistani players and fuck off. We'll see who's losing out then. Jackass.

Secondly, Anand is from Chennai, not Mumbai. Wow, they must teach you a lot at school.

Anonymous said...

Chennai Mumbai, where is the difference. Ignorance is bliss everywhere you guys walk and talk!

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@SPW thanks. but technically, 'Anonymous' is right. I've recently moved to Mumbai.

@Anonymous First off, great show by Younis khan and the pakistan Team for the win. there's been a great deal of support for the team in India, and a lot of joy at their success. here's hoping this marks the beginning of a great run for your talented cricketers.

Second, if you've bothered enough to read more than just one of my articles, you'd have noticed that we make fun of the Indian team way more than the Pakistan team - no discrimination at all. Because, unlike you, my readers and I have a sense of humour, and see humour and satire for what is is, instead of getting needlessly offended at something said in jest.

And, unlike you, I have the guts to write under my real name. So let's not get into a discussion over 'guts' unless you start commenting under your real name, instead of hiding behind an 'anonymous' moniker. Wuss.

So please do a favour to the sensible, fair-minded and brave people of Pakistan by shutting up and desist from besmirching their fair name.

Navaneethan Santhanam said...

Hey Anand, regardless of whether you've moved to Bombay, the 'style' isn't likely to change that quickly, right?

Also, I was being very reactionary and wanted to use any opportunity I could to insult the chap. I feel a bit silly now, but he was been an unjustified ass.

Spidoz said...

Hey this blog :) did they ever find out who the FIP was? ...I'm curious!