Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oooh - an award!

When the grand ganapaadigal of guffaws - the superlative Krish Ashok himself, bestows us with an honour, it is time to giggle uncontrollably, and then do as he says! Hence also slyly addressing his complaint of infrequent updates. Orey kallu - rendu maanga.

Here's the award - it's actually nice - very retro videogame design ethic.

The Brilliant Weblog award is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design. The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogosphere.

Now, I'm supposed to nominate seven other blogs I like and read. Here goes :

Hilarious Glory

Brilliantly funny photos from the fun folks over at NCF!

Luck, be my lady tonight.

Arjun Sharma is funny. And updates far more often than we do!

Springfield Punx

All your favourite comic and cartoon characters redrawn in Simpsons style!! Don't miss Rorschach and Doc Manhattan! Amazingly cool.


A new blog from an old hand - Nikhil Pahwa is always crisp, sharp, and addictive. Like triangular potato chips.

Breaking Windows

Nice and prolific technology and gaming blog by Ken Edwards, with links to Kens's articles on blogcritics as well.

The Red Sketch Book

Malavika is a friend, but that's no excuse for drawing great, weird, psychedelic pictures. Go to the blog and tell her it's a bad idea! Or that you love it!

Things on Self's Head

Probably the best idea for a blog ever. Perhaps not for a general audience, but those who get it will love it. Created by fellow Bosey conspirator Evil Emperor Zeb.

Thanks everyone, for reading and enjoying Son of Bosey. And thanks Krish, for the nod.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

World doping olympics bans three participants for indulging in weightlifting!

by Anand Ramachandran, who is trying very hard to stifle a giggling fit. Not.

In a stunning turnaround that cocks a snook at the Olympic movement, the World Drug Use Olympics (popularly known as the dopalympics) has ejected three participants for indulging in the activity of weightlifting, which is apparently not allowed under the dopalympic charter.

'Winners don't lift weights' says three time world Dopalympic gold medallist known only as Rasta Roach. Having retired after the 2008 games, he is widely tipped to be appointed as the national team coach by the Board for Cannabis Consumption in India (BCCI).

“Just like how doping is illegal in weightlifting events, weightlifting is illegal during doping events. It's really quite simple. We will weed out the problem at the grassroots. Tee Hee. ”, said a strangely delighted looking spokesman for the anti-weightlifting agency, DAWA (Dopers Against Weightlifting Activity).

Apparently, two Jamaicans and one Bulgarian participant have tested positive for weightlifting at the doping games. Answering a query on how one would 'test positive' for something like weightlifting, the spokesman clarified “You can make out, actually. If you look at their biceps long enough, they start to resemble crayon renderings of Mr.Toad. Or the Swiss Alps. Or really pretty poppy fields. Or the late Shri. Kalpanath Rai. Hee hee hee hee . . . “, he trailed off.

“Activities like Weightlifting go against the very spirit of the dopalympics, and will not be tolerated. Weighlifting cheats have no place amongst pure, honest drug users.”, barked a stern looking Dopalympics official addressing a press conference. “Oh, look! A chocky-bickie! Sweeeeeeeet!”, he added., before asking the reporters present “Who the hell are you guys? Where's Louie? Louie? ” and looking around frantically.

The athletes have, of course, appealed the decision. The Bulgarian, Glazedei Mildkoff, has claimed that he had no idea that he was indulging in weightlifting. “It was without my knowledge! My doctor told me it was a cold remedy! I'm innocent!”, he said. Shortly thereafter, he was spotted at his B-sample test, where a group of strange individuals were staring at his other bicep, tapping each other on the shoulders and snickering. The two Jamaicans have issued a joint press release that simply read “This is a joint press release. Heh. Joint. ”

Some of the banned substances under the Dopalympic charter, on display at the DAWA headquearters (not in picture).

This has left the Indian Weightlifting Federation in a quandary, as they can now no longer participate in either event. “Shit! Now we'll be banned from the Olympics for doping, and banned from the Dopalympics for weightlifting! Maybe we should take up cycling! No, wait . . . “, said a spokesman for the IWF, whose name might have been Jhadav. Or perhaps Sinha.

“I think it's harsh. Just because doping is illegal during weightlifting, it not necessary for weitghlifting to be illegal during doping. Just like how you can eat Pongal on Diwali, but you can't eat Diwali on Pongal.”, said wildlife photographer S.U.Saravanakumar, with a classic wink.

“Yeah, or how you can roam in Mylapore, but you can't Mylapore in Rome!”, added an excited Vishwanathan Srinivasan, giggling in a manner suspiciously similar to the DAWA spokesman mentioned earlier.

While the Bulgarian and Jamaican press have, understandably, called for leniency, the Dopalympic authorities remained unmoved. “We have no place for cheats. We're the premier competition in the world featuring professional dopers.”, said Dick Pound, who recently took over as the Dopalympic chief. “Er . . other than the Tour De France, of course.”, he added sheepishly.

“Wait – Sonia Gandhi can Sing, But Manmohan Singh can't Gandhi!”, added a gleeful looking Jai Shankar Iyer, expanding the scope of the wordplay just a little.

“Hahaha, good one! Sean Connery can Pierce Brosnan, but Pierce Brosnan can't Sean Connery! Wait, even better – Roger Moore can Pierce Brosnan, and . . . “, said Nishraj Gurung, before being buried by an avlanche of thrown pillows.

“Hey, I've got one! Superman can Bat, but Batman can't Super! Oh – and Green Lantern can Flash, but Flash can't Green Lantern! Hey – another one – Plastic Man can wonder, but Wonder Woman can't Plastic! ”, said P.C.Vikram, digging into his vast repertoire of JLA knowledge. He spent the next three hours trying to work out something for Martian Manhunter and Aquaman, but failed to come up with anything funny.

“Oh no, look what I've started off!”, said wildlife photographer S.U.Saravanakumar, breaking tradition and appearing twice in the same article.

Oh, wait! Wasn't this article supposed to be about some weightlifting based stuff? Oh. Yeah. Right. Sorry. Heh heh.

While the controversy rages on, there have been calls from some quarters to solve the problem by legalizing weightlfiting. Like how it's legal in Amsterdam. Watch this space.