Friday, April 18, 2008

We Interrupt Son of Bosey to bring you . . . More Son of Bosey!

Thanks for reading Son of Bosey.

I'm delighted to inform our readers that we will be creating exclusive cricket spoofs for Shah Rukh Khan's Kolkata Knight Riders official web site.

Among the content we're creating for them :
I'm also writing and drawing a comic called the 12th Man for the site. you can read that here.
The comics page also has another cool strip called IPL TV, written and drawn by Ravi Abburi. You'll enjoy those too.

Hope you enjoy them. We will be posting content there every week, so keep visiting if you enjoy the Son of Bosey brand of humour.


Anonymous said...

So, Lalit Modi will soon own all Bosey content? Not farfetched considering the man's propensity to claim all artifacts remotely connected to IPL. Think of this
"SRK owns Knight Riders, I own IPL, Anand owns Bosey and writes for Knight Riders therefore I own Bosey"
- Lalit Modi, June, 2008.

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...


You're a mind reader! Watch out for tomorrow's bosey post! Now everyone's going to think I copied it from you - but hey, we're used to plagiarism charges ;)

Anonymous said...

Anand, glad you got a big platform and all but somehow I feel this will end in tears. I dont think jat blood will tolerate/understand your humour. Not very long before Yuvi thinks this is a serious article, protests to Preity, who rings up Sharukh, who fires you :-)

BTW, will you make fun of SRK's publicity stunts, and then subsequent lofty claims that it wasnt a stunt?

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...


The content was approved by SRK, and we've got a solid disclaimer, so no issues. Thanks for the concern :)

I'm in charge of far more stuff on the site - the spoofs are just one part. I'm actually overseeing the entire web site project - cricket and entertainment parts. I even wrote the match preview due to lack of cricket writers ;)

No chance of spoofing SRK on the KKR site. That's reserved for Son of Bosey!

Anonymous said...

Anand, ha!, ha!, Not bad - we can atleast think of an idea that can be featured in Bosey. Maybe, we can write for Bosey some day :-)

Dont worry, We shall fight your case on this plagiarism charge ( we already did that last time, too)!
BTW, I am the anon fan who published a deep analysis on Bosey humour recently in your comments section so you know, you are safe against plag charges on this one.

Anonymous said...

but you can spoof Hritik, Akshay and Preity, right?
And Vijay saar too.

Anonymous said...

thats cool. The site is good and you have got the budget for hiking the production values , and that's good. Good to see you can maintain your quality even with a higher budget, too, unlike certain Tamil directors I could name .

Anonymous said...

gavaskar, who ws busy criticising Australia - that was cool, how do you manage to recycle ideas and find an interesting way to say the same thing again?

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

Heh. It's called 'running-out-of-ideas'

We've had lots of practice ;)

Anonymous said...

Anand! You're too funny!!! Shall sign up today!

Anonymous said...

Anand, I think you shouldnt spare ICC, Malcolm Speed and the likes, too. And it may hedge you against the digs at BCCI. Malcolm Speed is, like, anti-Gavaskar. You could replace all your statements on Gavaskar with Malcolm Speed by replacing Australia by BCCI

Unknown said...

Wow, congrats. How'd you land this job? Very cool.

Anonymous said...

is it jus me?! none of the links there work :(

Anonymous said...

As expected, the lamebrains of TV news channels and Tabloids have reacted predictably. I saw atleast a couple of articles berating Sharuk Khan for 'making fun' of rival Cricketers. How the heartless goon would make fun of Yuvraj, who is the chief-er..whatever for his(sharukh's) good friend Zinta.

(Ofcourse, I suppose Sharukh would take credit for all your work and pass it off as his wit and invention. Never mind that.)
Mumbai Mirror flamed the ad on Lalchand Rajput, fuming at the wastebook comments.
There was even support for Kris Srikkanth - how a legend(who scored 38 in 1983 WC final, nothing less!) had been sullied!!
I saw a news channel flicking your stuff though they did attribute it to 'Sharukh Khan's KKR website'. They realised they had a goldmine of content!
All in all, as I expected. Not long before Sharukh reaches for the pink slip for Anand, howsoever unwillingly?
BTW, remember my request for Malcolm Speed parody. I am all for parodying Sunil Gavaskar. But
1) It has been over-used in Bosey
2) Speed(and the Chappels and other shameless gold diggers from the western world) deserves it!


Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...


No worries of pink slip. SRK merely wants to play it a bit safe for the time being, because there are sponsor relationships at play here. Most of the spoofs are back up - minus the 'offending' ones - which I'll publish on bosey.

Malcolm Speed? You may like

Mumbai Mirror! hahahaha - they can hardly accuse anyone else of being nasty! Lamebrains.

Anonymous said...

Aha! So, let me guess, Yuvraj did cry and Zinta did complain to SRK? Is that the reason all artifacts with references to Yuvraj have vanished? Yay! I am clairvoyant!

I tell you, make fun of Speed/Ponting/Morgan/ECB and nobody will object. Anything else is bound to raise heckles with these morons.
Laxman didnt object? Poor chap, such a gentle creature.

Anonymous said...

Does SRK know about Bosey?

Anonymous said...



{Stands aside and doffs hat to the Master}.

Anonymous said...

Wheres the promised bosey post on Modi? Or dont tell me they have stipulated you not to post offensive content even in your site? Oh! Yeah, ofcourse, Modi owns your site, right? I forgot. Ofcourse, he has every right to stop you from publishing parodies on him on Bosey.

BTW, how long you think before some channels get hold of Bosey and run headlines like "SRK's web designer pokes fun at BCCI/Modi/IPL" etc?
On Second thoughts, I dont think they will get bosey humour anyway so you are safe.

Balaji said...

You just won't believe me:
I had got those spoof magazine covers as a forward, and at once recognized your brand of humor there.

I wanted to contact you and confirm if it was you who did those.

Ultimate spoofs. I like the way you use every pixel humorously..

Anonymous said...

hey! So the system has got back at you? No updates!!!
I sort of sensed this would happen - that Yuvraj jibe, as i predicted, seems to have killed your chances of continuing to parade your matchless spoofing skills at the 'highest' level.
I told you, dont take panga with the panjabi prince!

Anonymous said...

Che! we thought the new site will bring out more from you - ippo it has become a case of ulladhum pochuda nollai kanna!

swati said...

Last heard NEWS about IPL: Karunanidhi and all the Kazhagams were visibly disappointed on finding no element of Tamil culture in Chennai Superkings. He insisted that all players of Chennai Superkings strictly change their uniform to lungis and a shirt.

Anonymous said...

Ah! They have been knocked out now!Can we expect bosey atleast now?

பாரதிய நவீன இளவரசன் said...

//Karunanidhi and all the Kazhagams were visibly disappointed on finding no element of Tamil culture in Chennai Superkings. He insisted that all players of Chennai Superkings strictly change their uniform to lungis and a shirt.//

dear caapirighterji,
'Lungis' are not part of Tamil culture. They are as much alien as the permudas.

Anyway, 'no element of Tamil culture in Chennai Superkings' is true; also no element of regional culture is noticeable in other teams either. So there is no need for any regional pride. See our Karthiks, they are playing for different teams. Agarkar plays for Kolkatta, may be it was the first time that the mumbaikers would have cheered against him. In reality, every team has the Indian content in them (leave alone the four overseas players in the team).