Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bosey's evidence may help in 'Mole' controversy

by Anand Ramachandran, noteworthy mole scientist. Not.

We knew it. We were right! Many years ago, on, our team of intrepid reporters revealed the presence of an international mole gang, with possible operatives in India. You can read that report here.

Now, thanks to Jaswant Singh's perennially open mouth, the whole Mole thing is out in the open (proving that even dweebs like Jaswant Singh have more media reach than Son of Bosey). And everyone from the PMO, to HBO and several BPOs want to know the mole's identity.

The evidence collected by our creative . . er . . investigative team may contain several vital clues as to the identity of the Mole. “Hmmm . . . let's see”, said key investigative youngblood Priya Krishnan, thumbing through a scrapbook full of photographs and mild sauce stains (well? It's an OLD scrapbook, if you must know.) “ There are several possibilities. N.Ram? Manoramma? Aruna Irani? K.R.Vijaya? Who knows? Further scrutiny is required to make a shortlist. Someone needs to take ownership and distribute responsibility to ensure adherence to timelines”, she trailed off, lapsing into more familiar corporate terms when pressurized by eager reporters.

Rober DeNiro was quick to reassure the Indian Government that the suspected mole in the PMO was certainly not his.

“It is well known that international espionage networks communicate through moles”, said non-wildlife photographer Arjun Dogra, filling in for S.U.Saravanakumar, unavailable due to a hectic schedule. “This is why people like Shah Rukh Khan, Navjyot Singh Sidhu and Jai Shankar Iyer are beyond suspicion”, he said, discounting the possibility that the named persons could have moles in other, more discreet places.

Apparently, this Indian concern about naming the mole has confused the international community. “Never thought about naming mine. Interesting idea.”, said world-famous mole owner Robert De Niro. Reliable sources, however, have revealed that Cindy Crawford calls her mole “Wendy”.


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Creativity at its best! This is quite possibly the best blog I've been through so far.

Keep up the good work!

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