Saturday, June 24, 2006

Join the party, they said. It's a man's life, they said.

The Ragul Maggajan episode has taken a whole new twist with the defense saying that the BJP was responsible for the whole episode. “The police have given our case teeth by classifying cocaine as a party drug. And which party is the accused associated with?” asked a red eyed lawyer as he greedily chomped on a mars bar.

He went on to rant about the psychedelic emblems, clothes and behaviour of the political outfit and their similarity to a Woodstock video in Technicolor. “Bright orange flags, huge pictures of lotuses, screaming men and women wearing saffron headbands, ear splitting music blaring all round, strange sunglasses, body piercing, short term memory loss (STML)… are all part and parcel of political raves in India. Surely Ragul thought he was doing his bit for the party.” he snorted, as a line of cocaine disappeared magically.


Meanwhile, politicians across the country are scrambling to clean up their image and to ratify legislations that clearly re-label cocaine, ecstasy, acid and others as ‘lifestyle’ drugs. The Angry Owners of Lifestyle (AOL) however are not amused especially since a rival super store has started running an anticipatory campaign saying - Shoppers, stop. Don't snort and pop!

On being needlessly dragged into the issue, The Election Commission denied that in the past they had turned down several requests for symbols like a rolled up dollar bill, a spoon and lighter and a lovely, translucent, bluish green bong. “We have not rejected anything. We only asked for more options.” said an EC spokesperson as he tried desperately to reach the world famous S.U Saravannakumar and convince him to take a photo of his mother-in-law against a backdrop of multicoloured sunflowers in army fatigues.

(The ‘don’t trash my car and burn my house’ clause: This is purely a work of friction and is not meant to malign or tarnish the reputation of any political outfit, drug, chocolate bar or mother-in-law. In fact we are quite appreciative of all parties, drugs and chocolates…!)


visesh said...

ah louly

tyler durden.......any links

Mahadevan said...

Sprinkling champagne, snorting cocaine, rolled up five hundred rupee note, night revelry - right ingredients to provide leadership to 'aam aadmi'.

Unknown said...

well done.

Saffron-clad partygoers remind me of "Dum Maro Dum". How's that for a party theme!