Tuesday, May 31, 2005

We Didn't Start The Fire 2 : The Desi Megamix

by Anand Ramachandran, based on a rich idea by his world-famous brother Arvindh AKA D of Z fame

Everyone knows that ' We didn't start the fire ' is an easy song to write (Even Billy Joel could do it). Just pick up random stuff from the world around you, and piece them together to make silly rhymes.

But if it's really that easy, how come people all over aren't doing it? Because they're lazy dolts, that's why. However, being the sprightly, brisk youngsters that we are, we decided to get off our butts, shake off the 'sleepies' and give you our take on the smash hit song of yesteryear.

(Sung to the tune of 'Auld Lang Sy . . er . . . ah . . We didn't start the fire. Sorry. Our bad. Heh heh.)

Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt

Khushboo. Bali Brahmabhatt.

Manivannan. Vadivelu. Some chick named Reddy.

Baba Sehgal cannot stop

Blading us with Indipop.

Sonu Nigam. Shekhar Suman. Enough Already.

Oh! My God! Have you heard!

Amitabh has grown a beard!

Parents go for shorter names.

PC Sorcar and P James.

Pepsi Top Ten. Sachin's elbow gone again.

Deadline? Nevermind. Let's just sing it one more time.


We didn't eat the paya

Did you create it? Cause we really hate it.

We didn't eat the paya

Even if we ate it, we'll regurgitate it.


Ayurvedic healthy herbs.

Caddy's lack of form disturbs.

Broadband. Girl Bands. Sonia Gandhi.

Increase in Reliance worth.

Adnan Sami's massive girth.

No more rhymes? Think again! Priyanka Gandhi.

President with long hair.

FM stations rule the air.

Sehwag's really kicking butt.

Bappi is an idiot.

DD Sports. TQM. We've gone and made a Surd PM.

Prabhu Deva. Kar Seva. Cast your vote – it's now or nevah!


We didn't eat the paya

Did you create it? Cause we really hate it.

We didn't eat the paya

Even if we ate it, we'll regurgitate it.


Producers just love Vijay.

Bal-T's leading youth astray.

Nice Butt. Big Tits. Madhuri Dixit's.

Michael Jackson came and went.

Vajpayee needs retirement.

John Wright. Out of sight. Pace Attack is lacking bite.

Charu Sharma's motormouth.

Hindi movies in the South.

Jedis meet in Coruscant.

What to do with Vijaykanth?

Sushmita. Aishwarya.

Can I be your lover, ya?

Don't play big shots – Yuvi is at cover ya!


We didn't eat the paya

Did you create it? Cause we really hate it.

We didn't eat the paya

Even if we ate it, we'll regurgitate it.


Modern youth have no respect.

Late night food at Coronet.

Kingfisher .Black Knight . Haywards 2000.

You can be a caller, ji.

With modern technology.

STD. ISD. Internet browsing.

Stupid fads. Crappy ads. Lack of cute and portly lads.

ATMS and IOUs – just so we can chill and booze.

We didn't eat the paya

Did you create it? Cause we really hate it.

We didn't eat the paya

Even if we ate it, we'll regurgitate it.

Jacob Martin's cover drive. A.R.Rahman performs live.

Kiran Bedi. Supercop. KPS. Full Stop.

Metti Oli never ends. Viewers never meet their friends.

Booming of the BPO. Vader and C3PO.

Cartoon Network. Pogo. Wipro's crummy Logo.

Pre-paid. Post-paid. Now it's time to end the blade.


We didn't eat the paya

Did you create it? Cause we really hate it.

We didn't eat the paya

Even if we ate it, we'll regurgitate it.

We didn't eat the paya

Even if we tried, we'd have quickly died and died and died and died . . . . . . . .


... said...

Idea credits to Kuuuuurd-Man !!!

Anand Ramachandran said...


coming up.


... said...


visesh said...


Subramaniam Avinash said...

long time, avinash here.

Anoopa Anand said...

Hey, Anand. Read my mail, checked your blog. Great way to start a Wednesday morning. Now I wish it was Monday, it would've been better. :) In short, love it.

(When I grow up, I want to stop rambling.)

Anonymous said...

As S.Ve.Shekar Says...
"Success!! Paal Vandi Vandachu!!"

Anonymous said...

Probably the best piece I've ever read on Bosey!

Anonymous said...

Shankar, Rahman pettai rap?

Khushboo said...

hilarious..love it...

Anonymous said...

"Kuuuuuurd Man" - on the lines of "Biiiiiirrrrdd Maan" from the 1950s cheesy cartoon series?

Anonymous said...

Gem!! :D More so with how perfectly it fits the meter.

Homework: Come up with enough versions of the song, and there could be a Meta-(and yes, mega)-WDSTF with all those versions. World series?


Nishit said...

Jacob Martin cover drive... ROTFL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

his is hilarious. we're singing along in the office right now, with equally hilarious results!

culdivsac said...

Some doggerel from me:

We didn't burn the tyres.
We were already outraging
Before the battle was waging.

Phone tap. Sex chat.
C'mon man, who gives a crap?

Facebook is gobbledygook.
Who gives a flying fuck?

We didn't burn the tyres.
We also want a flat in Adarsh
With blessings of our forefathers.

We didn't burn the tyres.
We were already outraging.
Before the battle was waging.


The Cricket Couch said...

We didn't burn the shire
It was always burning
'fore elves came calling

hobbit shit, gollum's fits,
frodo has got sneaky tits

Liv tyler pretty sweet,
gan-dalf brought the treats
talking trees, walking threes,
who gives shit about rings?

We didn't burn the shire
it was always flaming
just like Ian Mckellan

Mahesh said...

I am a madrasi iyengar
And I don't have an AC car
But it doesn't matter
So long as i can cut a quarter

Cauvery water or auto meter
Doesn't matter so long as I get my quarter

Holding Taylor Gavaskar Tendulkar
Oh ho I give you three quarter but don't touch my quarter

Obomo docomo #youprefer
Only God is Federer
Nadal is good ya
But he is trailing behind ya
Ya ya ya ya

Cho ramaswamy or Subramaniaswamy
No no one ever saw me
Thus spake the mylapore mami
But hey... there's always Ar#noob Goswami

Rapidex Sensex Tantex
But none to match Durex
Durex is matter I need my quarter
Durex is matter, I need my matter and also my quarter

Gaiety theater - matter matter

Vada palani or chuck palahni(uk)
My sweetheart is Sabatini
Marina beachu
I wanna give her a smoochu
Ayyo...just the thought of it is choking my moochu (Tamil)

Hey you waiter, I am on twitter
Where's my quarter, I need my quarter...


somewhere there said...

heres me try :

rakhi sawant, Pam boss, ceilings falling, red cross,
sea link, chaddis pink,amitabh bacchan

army fraud, water scam, gober pilfer, give a dam ,
lavazza , starbucks, Sachin tendulkar

commonwealth and poverty, youtube cats and babies,
botox,indirock,saving savita maami..

TR and trp, Munni, bahus, reality,

Anish Kapoor, Tehelka, the apples and the berries


Anonymous said...

Hil Hillarious man, simply louved it still ROFFL...