Thursday, August 12, 2010

An apology for utter lack of blogging.

Amazingly, I still get a bunch of messages from you guys asking about when the next post will be. It's incredible that you haven't run out of patience and simply given up. Many thanks.

The answer is - I don't know. I'm doing a bunch of things that are keeping me insanely busy, so I hardly get time to blog these days. Hopefully, one (or more) of my clients will eventually realize that I'm useless, and fire me, leaving me with enough time to blog every day.

However, I have been doing some pretty interesting stuff, and you guys should check some of it out if you haven't already.

As always, thanks for reading. If things go well, Son of Bosey should resume regular service next week.


King Viswa said...

I Pretty well know about the rest of the things except for the Graphic novel part.

Great. Keep it up.


Saurabh Somani said...

Have enjoyed all your articles, but have laughed hardest at the cricinfo ones.
Not that the Yahoo and Sify columns aren't funny, but somehow your cricketing funny bone brings out the loudest guffaws!
As long as you keep churning out stuff, Im not complaining about where I get to read it :)

Raspberry Sorbet said...


Charu said...

Just came across your blog today while reading your article on Yahoo. Absolutely loved that and love your blog as well. Will post a word about this on my blog soon. Please keep writing your very, very enjoyable articles :)

Arjun Sharma said...

Ah, finally caught sight of the Grandmaster himself.

drift away................ said...

Came across your Blog in Yahoo...LOved it...:)

Rahul said...

Have you stopped writing for Yahoo!? Looks like they revamped their News site and the old link redirects to something else.