Monday, May 04, 2009

Son of Bosey on cricinfo

For all those who have been wondering where the hell I've been, apologies. The answer is, here.

I seem to have some unholy connect with the IPL. This year, it's a bunch of humour content that my company is providing for Cricinfo's IPL Page 2. Specifically :

  • Off The Record : Some very Son of Bosey-esque pieces, which many of you actually spotted as being my handiwork, even though it isn't credited in my individual name (we decided to credit all the stuff in the company's name - for simplicity's sake)

  • Fan vs Fan : Shorter pieces, looking at the fan's POV. Slightly inspired by Al Jaffee and Dick DeBartolo, from a writing standpoint.

  • Rule from Hell : One liners that look at the BCCI's tendency to 'draconianize' everything. Is 'draconianize' a real word?

  • EyePl TV : A daily cartoon strip written by Ravi Abburi and drawn by Vertika Beranwal.
Response has been great so far (though some Son of Bosey readers haven't been too impressed), so there's some possibility of the association continuing post IPL. I'll keep you guys informed.

Also, we've been creating some comics for KKR, featuring their mascot Hoog Lee. Head over to Sacred Cow and take a look.

Thanks for reading, and for your feedback as always. \m/