Thursday, December 03, 2009

Oh! I've been nominated and all that.

By the way, Son of Bosey has been nominated at the Indibloggies this year for 'most humorous blog'. Much thanks to you guys for supporting me by reading Son of Bosey all these years, and to whichever one of you submitted it for the nomination.

The nomination is wonderful, since it's jury-validated. And it's nice to be up there with a bunch of blogs that are rock-star funnier than this one. From now on, it's pretty much a popularity contest, so, Great Bong will surely win ;)

However, I'd appreciate it if you guys hopped on over and voted for Son of Bosey, so that I don't finish last. Of course, you could also vote for any of the other amazingly funny blogs that have been nominated, especially Krish Ashok, Narendra Shenoy, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, or Lavanya Mohan.


Anonymous said...

Getting sentimental as you grey eh?
Anyway i voted about 10 times using my several shady internet aliases.
(for you of course)
Thanks are also in order for sometimes being the only funny thing in my day and also for helping me through the procurement of various useless degrees of higher education, the earning of which necessitated me staying put in front of the computer for most part of the day.
i have now developed a bosey addiction. As i'm sure have many others. which is why it's really mean when you don't update. Where are we to go for our fix? huh? huh?
If you said "GreatBong", i said "Meh"
And if you say "The Onion is pretty funny" i would have to point out to you that The Onion falls completely behind in the reportage of vital matters such as Goudamani and the Naganallur temple tank.
Like they say, 'With a jury-validated nomination comes Great responsibility'
i think that should be enough.

Lavanya said...

I really can't choose between you and shenoy-ji. Guess I'll choose both. Voted :D [helps to have a few extra email addresses]

So do i get more arrack? :D

Anonymous said...

Count my vote in. From as many email addresses that I have.

Narendra shenoy said...

You're right about it being a popularity contest frm now on. But Anonymous here said it for me with.

"Thanks are also in order for sometimes being the only funny thing in my day".

Anand Ramachandran said...

@anonymous Thanks for reading. I do try to be regular, but :

1. I'm not smart enough to come up with funny stuff more regularly, and
2. My job sometimes gets in the way. Annoying innit?

Will try to post more often.

@chutney @naren Yes, yes. Us nominees must stick together for the betterment of mankind. Hence - LIQUOR!

Anonymous said...

Voted just in case you end up in a tie or something.

Anonymous said...

Dai, is this for real of is there a spoof in there somewhere that i missed... can't be, no mention of sara...

anyways, win or lose...



Shyam said...

Bosey, you are the best along with Krish Ashok. I will vote for both of you.