Monday, May 04, 2009

Son of Bosey on cricinfo

For all those who have been wondering where the hell I've been, apologies. The answer is, here.

I seem to have some unholy connect with the IPL. This year, it's a bunch of humour content that my company is providing for Cricinfo's IPL Page 2. Specifically :

  • Off The Record : Some very Son of Bosey-esque pieces, which many of you actually spotted as being my handiwork, even though it isn't credited in my individual name (we decided to credit all the stuff in the company's name - for simplicity's sake)

  • Fan vs Fan : Shorter pieces, looking at the fan's POV. Slightly inspired by Al Jaffee and Dick DeBartolo, from a writing standpoint.

  • Rule from Hell : One liners that look at the BCCI's tendency to 'draconianize' everything. Is 'draconianize' a real word?

  • EyePl TV : A daily cartoon strip written by Ravi Abburi and drawn by Vertika Beranwal.
Response has been great so far (though some Son of Bosey readers haven't been too impressed), so there's some possibility of the association continuing post IPL. I'll keep you guys informed.

Also, we've been creating some comics for KKR, featuring their mascot Hoog Lee. Head over to Sacred Cow and take a look.

Thanks for reading, and for your feedback as always. \m/


Anonymous said...

what the hell ? are you working for cricinfo ?


Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@craig er . . nope.

I work at a company called A Bellyful of Dreams Entertainment, which is providing content for cricinfo, among other things.

Does that merit a 'What The Hell?' ?


raj said...

With due respects, the cricinfo stuff is underwhelming. Nothingl ike bosey ofcourse. But the pre-sterilisation KKR stuff you did was on par with Bosey. cricinfo seems worse employers than Shahrukh - they have taken the sting out of you to lame jokes on Modi. Do you get specific themes to base your articles upon (like "bash modi", "attack modi", "rip apart modi", "rubbish ipl" and so on)

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

@raj - You seem to have a talent for blaming the lameness of my jokes on everyone other than me. Sometimes, this tends to approach WTF levels, and I am compelled to respond.

Cricinfo isn't my 'employer'. They are 'clients' - a major difference. And, for the record - they don't really interfere in the content.

So you have only me to blame.

And, before we get into ridiculous arguments over 'false modesty' and stuff - I don't think the stuff on cricinfo is any less funny than what I do on Son of Bosey. Since the subject matter is limited, perhaps it gets repetitive, But, obviously, I don't hate the stuff as much as some of you do.

Rajagopal said...

As far as the cricinfo stuff, the Off the record segment is quite boseyisque. While the fan vs fan is decent, the rules from hell and eyepl are quite underwhelming.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

I liked the Andrew Hughes piece. (But not the 37-letter verification)


Bala said...

Why is S.U Saravanakumar missing in the cricinfo pages?

raj said...

"You seem to have a talent for blaming the lameness of my jokes on everyone other than me"

yeah, my hero doesnt have feet of clay :-)

That apart, consider this. cricinfo has been making fun of Modi and IPL from the beginning - their contempt for Modi and the BCCI is ill-concealed. They represent the old establishment of cricket and never lose a chance to pull down BCCI - for instance, the article on BCCI turning down ICC anti-fixing officials was made fun of as "BCCI cant afford to hire them, can you believe it" kind of tone. There was a nice article refuting the hypocrisy in that in

Basically, cricinfo is clearly not very fond of IPL. Yet, they want to cash in on its popularity so they start this page 2 feature. So far so good. But even there, you continue to make fun of Modi and IPL. What hypocrites you must be to do that? If you did that moderately, thats fine, but if that is the only thing you do there, then I feel cricinfo deserves as much contempt and ridicule as Modi. Which doesnt happen. You are saying thats your fault - but somehow, I cant get to believe that. Like, you dont really think of jokes on anyone other than Modi? You cant? You want a fan of bosey to believe that youa re that limited?
I'll absolve cricinfo the day they show the guts and courage to ridicule the other ICC figures like Morgan, Cricket Australia, ECB, the English press, australian cricket writers - who all are eminently ridiculable.

Anonymous said...

why does cricinfo hate ipl ?
A bellyful of.....wth ?


p.r said...

I think you are the famous Fake IPL Player!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your posts. Very entertaining. Is there a RSS feed link for your posts on cricinfo (more specifically "Off the record")?