Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recession, budget cuts force Bollywood to produce first ever combo-sequel, 'Chandni Chowk to Drona'

Thanks to decreasing budgets due to studios tightening their purse strings in difficult financial times, many Bollywood filmmakers have been forced to revisit their plans of making crummy sequels to crappy films. However, the men who have delivered two of Bollywood's most stunning duds in recent times, Goldie Behl and Nikhil Advani, have come up with an innovative solution to the problem – they're pooling their resources to come up with a combo-sequel that will be a single film that is a sequel to two separate films.

“A combo sequel is a great idea. Basically you take elements from two different films and make a sequel to both of them by combining these elements in a random manner to create a disjointed, incoherent, clumsy mess – exactly in the spirit of the originals!”, said an excited studio executive.

“Yes, 'Chandni Chowk to Drona' will combine all the best elements of the two recent mega-flops. It will be an unforgettable blokbuster grand gala large canvas multi-starrer brouhaha heidiheydihoh ringalingading extravaganza!”, said a delighted Mr. Behl, leaning on the age-old Bollywood technique of using random hyperbole to make up for the lack of genuine ideas.

“Who says there is a lack of genuine ideas?”, said an irate Mr.Advani, skilfully managing to read the previous sentence and respond to it in real time. “ There are hundreds of daft ideas in CC2C and hundreds of lame ideas in Drona. And, as any man of science will tell you, two negatives make a positive!”, he said with a wink.

As always, this innovation has given ideas to many more producers, and rumours of possible abominations such as 'Yuvraaj Story 2050' and 'Bhootnath's Victory' could be true. Stay indoors.


Anonymous said...

Also Kuselanin Villu?

Anonymous said...

Your post clearly shows the pathetic state of Bollywood movies, sarcasm is good!

priya krishnan said...

world famous boothnath....and bussnath

Tarun said...

How about "Drona of Chandani Chowk, Delhi6 to China."?