Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Archives : The original now available

Actually, they always were, as a nice unobtrusive link tucked away on the sidebar.

But it occured to me that many newer readers may be interested in taking a look at the original site that was the precursor to Son of Bosey.

Cleverly called '' so that its name would exactly match the URL, the site actually was kinda popular, gaining something of a cult following, back in the day. We were just doing it for kicks, but it excited us no end to see e-mails pouring in form random strangers all over the world, and to see the material get mentioned in the mainstream press.

Those were crazy times, as the many who were involved will probably remember, and it was a terrific experience for many of us as we scrambled to get enough material together to update - usually very drunk, usually in just one night. And Praveen would convert everything into a PDF, for some reason.

Do check the material out. Looking at it now, it actually seems a lot more versatile than the current stuff. Hmmmmm. And let us know your thoughts - perhaps we should re-publish some old faves (and save ourselves some work) ?

Visit the bosey archives.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hindu prints headline that says “Hindu prints headline”.

In an unexpected and innovative move that completely destroys the newspaper's reputation for being uninspired and boring, The Hindu today stunned its readers by printing a headline that simply said “HINDU prints this headline.” This makes it the first newspaper to ever print a completely self-referential item, opening up many future possibilities for the emerging art of recursive journalism.

Tha body of the article goes on to describe in detail the process that was used to print the headline, along with views and opinions on the inks, dot gain, and newsprint quality of the paper in general. “That ought to show our crummy readers. They want innovation? Let them eat this!”, said Hindu editor N.Ram, looking disturbingly like Marie Antoinette. “Muhahahahahahahahahahahaharrrrf-kafff-kaffff-arrrr!” he added, his attempt at an evil laugh being rather comically ended by the onset of a coughing fit.

Apparently, the headline can about when a reporter, under time pressure, began humming “ Need a headline. Gotta meet my deadline. Or it's the end of the bread line. Hey! That rhymes with 'thin red line'.”, falling prey to the mysterious sudden-rap-bug that seems to be infesting Son of Bosey of late.

According to editor Ram, plans for future articles include items like “Hindu prints article about Dhoni”, “Hindu prints classifieds”, and “Hindu continues to innovate by printing article on how it continues to innovate by printing article on how it continues to innovate.” Reports that The Hindu is becoming self-aware and sentient, are, however, baseless. We hope.

'Local Warming' scientists feel left out, ignored.

While Global Warming has rightly been recognized as an issue of worldwide importance, scientists who have been warning people about the relatively lesser known phenomenon called 'Local Warming' are upset that they haven't been given their due. “Idiots. Fools. If we carry on like this, we run the risk of areas like T.Nagar, Abbotsbury and Kalakshetra Colony being completely submerged by the melting of nearby ice caps (refer photo). And we'll all be atop Annanagar tower, saying 'We told you so'!”, said a scientist representing Hardcore Association of Local Warming Activists (HALWA). Apparently, Annanagar is safe from a similar fate, because “You get everything in Annanagar itself. It's completely self-sufficient.”

“It isn't fair. These annoying 'Global Warming' snobs get films made by the likes of Al Gore and Edward Norton. And us? Even R.V.Ramani hasn't given us a call. No Michael Muthu play. No David Pascal charity concert. Zilch. Nada. The big empty.”, said another HALWA representative, foolishly refusing to pick up a call from noted theatre personality Kaveri Lalchand. “Perhaps we'd be better off positioning it as 'Glocal Warming'.”, he pondered, looknig greedily at some corporate looking guys in the vicinity.

However, according to sources, even HALWA seems better off than the plight of researchers working on the obscure phenomenon of “Gokul Warming”, where everyone named Gokul would eventually be submerged by the melting of nearby ice caps.