Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thousands of clueless Indians delighted with Obama's win.

Thousands of random Indians, who have absolutely no knowledge of Barack Obama's policies, views or track record, are enthusiastically celebrating his victory in the U.S. presidential election.

“Yay! Obama wins! He's much better than McCain!”, exclaimed a strangely delighted K.S.Priya, a student of some random college somewhere, doubtless drawing from her rich and deep research on the political histories of both candidates. “Now, things will surely get better for India. Obama will see to that.”, said a smug-looking Mathew Kurian (or something like that), forgetting that Mr.Obama has been elected president of the United States, and not of India. “Hooray, it's great to have him as President! He looks just like Lewis Hamilton!”, grinned an excited Sankalesh Jimmy, pointing out one of Mr.Obama's lesser known strong points.

Apparently, Mr.Obama's huge popularity in India stems from his nice smile, pleasant looks, and his general dissimilarity to George W.Bush. “Foreign Policy? Plan for the economy? Worldview? Who cares? He's not white, we're not white, so he's on our side!”, said a surprisingly honest young woman (since we stopped caring about names about a paragraph ago).

However, the celebrations are certainly not unanimous. “McCain should have won. Now outsourcing will get pwned.”, said a worried looking BPO employee, reading from his process manual. “Obama's all talk. McCain is the real deal. I supported McCain.”, said another muscular young gent, looking around to see if anyone (especially women) started perceiving him as 'cool', 'different' and 'independent minded'.

Things are expected to return to normal within a few days, when people eventually tire of pretending to be informed about international politics and return to watching boneheaded celebrities making fools of themselves on television.