Friday, September 12, 2008

Crib It! : An Ode to Bollywood's 'Inspired' Finest!

by Anand Ramachandran, no stranger to plagiarism, alleged and otherwise!

Thanks to Bollywood stalwarts like Pritam and Sanjay Gupta, lots of us Indians have been exposed to great songs and movies from countries like Thailand, Iran and Korea which we otherwise would never even have heard of! Since we'd like to show our appreciation for the Modus Operandi of Mr.Pritam and Mr.Gupta, and since, like these stellar individuals, we have absolutely no originality, we thought we'd resort to cribbing from Michael Jackson's world famous hit, 'Beat It'.

Crib It! [Sing to the tune of 'Beat It!' by Michael Jackson]

They told me that they wanna hear a good song,

Needed it by Sunday, didn't have too long!

No time to compose, so turn the radio on

and Crib it!

Just Crib it!

Just heard a track that's been a hit in Thailand

No one over here will even know the band.

They'll never find out, so I'll do what I can

And Crib it.

Yeah they'll never find out . . .

So Crib It! Crib It! Crib It! Crib it!

Even Dr.Dre just did it

Steal a tune, baby, steal a whole song!

It doesn't matter, if it's right or wrong!

Just Crib It! Crib It!

Just Crib It! Crib It!

Just Crib It! Crib It!

Just Crib It! Crib It!

Need to make a film, I need to find a story!

Too bad that winning scripts don't really come for free.

Never mind all that crap, I'll just rent a DVD

And crib it. Just crib it.

Watch a bunch of films from North Korea, Iran

New Zealand, Poland, Togo and Afghanistan.

Throw in a few songs, and an actor named Khan!

We'll crib it!

Yeah they'll never find out . . .

So Crib It! Crib It! Crib It! Crib it!

If we're found out we'll fib it!

Watch a good movie, rip off a few scenes!

Even if it isn't clear what it means!

Just Crib It! Crib It!

Just Crib It! Crib It!

Just Crib It! Crib It!

Just Crib It! Crib It!

So Crib It! Crib It! Crib It! Crib it!

Plagiarism we'll exhibit !

Copy the music, copy the fights.

It doesn't matter, screw IP rights!

Just Crib It! Crib It! Crib It! Crib it!

Hope the public can forgive it!

Original ideas, we have got none!

We just lack basic imagination!

So Crib It! Crib It! Crib It! Crib it!

Rip off just a little tidbit!

Copyright matters won't get in our way.

If they try suing, we'll get a stay!

Just Crib It! Crib It! Crib It! Crib it!

Just Crib It! Crib It! Crib It! Crib it!



AXE 316 said...

Hey what machan no lead solo? :)

This is better than Eat it.

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

Speed king!! I only posted like ten minutes ago!!

Hahahaha - world renowned lead solo machan. But what is there?

Partho said...

Whenever you're in a creative glut
Just remember the golden words
And get out of the rut
God gave you eyes..

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

There's a Tom Lehrer song that goes : "Plagiarize. Don't let anyone's work evade your eyes!"

Anonymous said...

Tom Lehrer said

Let no one else's work evade your eyes,
Remember why the good Lord made your eyes,
So don't shade your eyes,
But plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize -
Only be sure always to call it please 'research'


Anonymous said...

Kick ass post. You should give Weird Al a call.

Anonymous said...

Ah! This is vintage Bosey :)

I still remember this:

We didn't eat the Paya,

Did You create it, 'cause we really hate it

We didn't eat the Paya

Even if we ate it, we'll regurgitate it

I remember it right down to the line that went Metti Oli never stops.

Heady stuff - more power to you, Bosey!

Sunny said...!7EAA1CEEB3211DC3!229.entry

the only productive thing that came out of a marathon guys are funny! good reading!

Thunderstruk said...

Great.... i have tears in my eyes, laughing and i remember the MAD mag's "sing to the tune of..." as a kid.I am subscribing to your post from now on. SuperB man!!

Venkatesh G said...

damn funny ..

onejubb said... level

Mahadevan said...

Why sit and compose?
Rise and plagiarize
And show your enterprise.

Malik did it, Bappy did it
Koliwood and Boliwood thrive on it.
Pritam and Gupta can't shun it.

They also serve
Who copy and score.

Anand Ramachandran said...

Mahadevan - I want whatever you're smoking!!

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

Thunderstruk - Haha - yeah, the MAD parodies are what I shamelessly crib from! Takes one to know one ;)

Thunderstruk said...

Okay Okay for the first and for the last time i am going to admit here at this post...yes i was geeky as a kid and thought MAD stands for finest sense of humour. Seriously! (By the way, any of you people MAD fanatics??) And thank gawd Mr Anand's humour is here to give us some solace....Hey!! did i just hear someone say anything about smoking something!??

shriram said...

While on the subject of music rip-offs,maybe you have already seen this,but just in case you havent-

Amazing report card I must say..and the guy does have eclectic taste !!:D

Anonymous said...

Where is the Indian version of Van Halen doing the leads? aargh... and you forgot the trademark govinda 'oww'.