Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tamil Regional Parties to Launch Rap Band

by Anand Ramachandran, who is certain to be arrested.

In an innovative and refreshing move to identify with the youth, world-famous political parties DMK and MDMK have come together to launch a Hip-Hop band.

"Yoyoyoyoyo - sssupyall! We're looking at a whole new Tamil Rap sound, youknowwhaammsayin", said an excited Vaiko, the band's frontman, to the shock of those gathered at the launch. "With lyrics by Dr.K., the charisma of Stalin, and media strategery by Daya, we can't go wrong. The youths will love us ya. Yeppadi?", he said, lapsing back into his normal accent and raising one eyebrow for effect.

The members of Run DMK pose in front of millions of fans at their official lunch . . er . . . launch (not in picture).

The band, called Run DMK, will release their first album, tentatively titled "Tentative Title", in December this year. "Everyone knows that December is only music season, hence the date", said their media manager, causing panic among hardcore carnatic fans, who finally make a comeback after the Ambi-Mama article.

"Nonsense! This is against Tamil culture and values!" screamed some random DMK guys, before shutting up when someone reminded them that it was their own leaders who were behind the initiative. Their current whereabouts are not known.

"This is a great effort by stalwarts of Tamil Nadu politics to connect with young voters. Now, at last, the youth will have a reason to bake in the sun for hours and indicate to the nation that they are not lazy jerks." said an unusually passionate S.U.Saravanakumar, noted wildlife photographer.

"Long live classical divine Tamil!", screamed world famous Chennai legend Kaveri Lalchand with practiced ease. " These guys will put the 'DMK' in nightlife", said Prakash Rao, noted nightlife expert.

"Let's hope they keep it clean", quipped the guy who's currently Governor " We don't want it to become an Adult Franchise! Heh heh heh . . . "


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Anonymous said...

Haha! Just one point though, Vaiko and DMK are no longer in the same camp... or could we say, there are no permanent friends and enemies in politics and music?

Pradhan Mantri | The Prime Minister of India said...

Amazing! I have my eyes and guns on you -:)
Cool Man Cool!