Saturday, May 28, 2005

Sachin squashes rumours about 'Vijay'

by Kishore Manohar Bobo

In a rare PR moment, king of swing Sachin Tendulkar denounced rumours that he was going to start a league team called 'Vijay' . He also denied that he was terribly upset that the Tamil film industry had allowed a film to be made with his name and that he wanted to hit back by intentionally building a team that would pull even less people than the movie.

Speaking in a newly acquired bass-voice, Sachin said he always admired Vijay's acting and his dance steps. "Any new steps?" he growled, looking deep into the camera, as if to send a not-so-silent message to his new namesake.

Sachin said that while he could easily visualize team made up of several ‘Vijays' ( Saar , Amritraj, Lokapalli, TV, Yadav, Kanth, Singh, Mallya and of course Surana) , his current focus was to show racing legend Michael Schumacher how to use the piece of willow he was gifted sometime ago.

“Tough,” was his reply to the sidetracked reporters who wanted to know how it was to explain cover drives to a German racer.

Meanwhile, the unstoppable rumour mills have instantly proven why they are better entertainment than Oprah & Lakshmi put together... ugh! ... by insinuating that Sachin's true intentions were foiled by the current existence of a cricket club called 'Vijay' ... albeit somewhere in the Seychelles .

Vijay Saar was unable to comment on the matter. " " , he said, when cornered by this reporter.


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Whoever heard of an Evil Emperor called 'Bobo' ?????

Unknown said...

There's a pretender to the evilemperor title? Where's Don King when you need him?

Anand Ramachandran said...

All bow, bow before the might of bobo.

Kaps said...

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George Bernard Waah! said...

Vijay CC is not in seychelles. It is playing abominable cricket in the BLUE STAR LEAGUE. How did it register with blue star? A Random guy in a random street with a random house, took 10 grand and LO! blue star! sO WAY TO GO VIJAY CC.