Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Goats Plan World Takeover

News has reached us of an evil conspiracy to uproot the world's current political structure and replace it with an oppressive regime consisting purely of goats.

From his use of metallic face-paint, it can be deduced that the evil leader of the goats is a Madonna fan.

“At last, people will bow to their rightful masters – goats!”, said a representative of Goats for Rapid Annihilation of Human Utter Losers (GRAHUL). “Hahahahahahahahahahaha”, he laughed maniacally.

“ We will summarily execute every human being on the planet – that's right we're going to give the human race a good butt butting! Hehehho!”, he smirked, using an unusual laughing style. “Yes, you noticed? Much better than the usual hahaha or heeheehee, don't you think?”, he winked.

Prince Charles'(left) resemblance to a goat (right), has helped his cause greatly. What? No resemblance? Try squinting a bit, and if that doesn't help, try closing your eyes completely.

Apparently, the goats have made an exception for Prince Charles, since he ‘kinda looked like' one of them, and hence must be reasonably goat-like. Also, they have heard him referred to several times as "That jolly old goat.", a factor that contributed to the softening of their stance.

Sources reveal that this was the last in a series of statements released by world goats aimed at sending shivers through the spines of humans and other non-goats.

Strangely, there has been no communication from the goats since last Bakrid.

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George Bernard Waah! said...

And now this quote
has got Prince Charles goat!